It takes just a few minutes to open a new You Tube channel. But it takes a few years to make this channel successful.

However, this time and success depends largely on the content and quality of the video.Since it’s totally free, so many people start displaying all their hobbies and creativity when they open a channel on YouTube. They think that a variety of creative videos will make their channel successful.

However, they do not know that the channel does not become a special category when uploading different types of content in the same channel. Thereby, the success does not come very fast.

So understand that content type is very important for success on YouTube. As well as increasing the number of subscribers required. As the number of subscribers increases, the video views will increase in proportionally.
Every minute, more than 400 hours of video are uploading to YouTube.In such a competition,  achieving fame on this platform is very difficult.

But are you making any mistake? What would be like if you leave all the competition behind and become popular on YouTube?

If you  want to get popularity on You Tube is to see how many subscribers you have . You will have as many subscribers as possible, to achieve a consistent view of your videos.

Many of those who upload videos to YouTube, do not adopt any strategy to increase their subscription.

But the strategy is here! If you can create strategies for increasing subscribers, then you can be like those companies who are making success in YouTube.

If your channel supply a specific idea, then those who think deeply about it or those working on it will be your channel’s subscribe.

In this way, whensoever you will post a new video, they will learn something new about their interests – so they will be able to know more about the topics .

For example, think about all your Facebook marketing issues and help your target businessmen. If a businessman wants to learn about Facebook marketing and subscribes to your channel, they can get immediate updates of your post on Facebook marketing.

This gives them the opportunity to work harder than others.Playlist is an important subject of You Tube.You  should add videos to a playlist after uploading them to your you tube channel.Playlists are a grate way to get viewers and watch more of your other  videos.

When viewers will watch more videos on your YouTube channel, it increases watch time. Increased time leads to higher rankings and higher rankings generates more views and subscribers.Follow the steps to add videos to a playlist on You Tube channel

  • First go to your you tube channel
  • Then click on playlist tab
  • Then click on edit option
  • Then click on add videos 
  • Next select your you tube tab
  • Then select the video which you want to add
  • Then Click on add video

 How to use End Screen to increase your you tube viewers and subscriber?

End screen is an excellent feature of You Tube. By promoting your videos and channels,the end screen can help you to get more subscriber and viewers .

You can add your liked video / playlist link  and subscribe button,at the end of each video.  Hope you will get  benefit from this excellent feature of YouTube.  You can use YouTube Endscreen feature  in desktop and mobile .
Follow the steps to use the end screen on the youtube screen-

  • First go to your you tube channel
  • Then click on edit option that is beside The video which you want to add end screen
  • Then choose end screen & annotation option
  • Then click on Add element
  • Then select  the video or playlist or subscriber button or type promote channel URL
  • Then click on save button

How to Delete / Remove End Screens on YouTube Channel?Some times we need to delete all the videos of end screen  .If you want to remove or delete end screen  videos,then follow the process –

  • First you have to go to the YouTube channel
  • Then click on edit option beside The video which you want to remove end screen
  • Then choose end screen & annotation option
  • Then click on edit option of the video that you want to remove
  • Then click on remove icon  and ok

How to hide your you tube channel subscriber?In youtube the main rule  for monitization ad sense account  is Subscribers and watch time . For growing subscribers, you can use VidIQ or Tube Buddy

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You tube channel Grow

Most of the people do not want to show his channel’s subscriber count.So he want to hide it.If you  do not  know how to hide subscriber of your channel.Follow the steps…

  • First you have to open the YouTube channel
  •  then click on the channel option on the left
  •  then an option named Advance comes under channel, then click on it .
  •  Then  you will see there is an option named “Subscriber Count” and then select the second option’Do not display the number of people subscribed to my channel’
  • Then click on save.