Off-page SEO is the most widely discussed and most difficult thing to say about guest posting or guest blogging. The guest blogging is one of the seaf, Powerful and Quality Link Building. However, due to the increase in the SEO Competition day by day, many of these factors are difficult, costly, and difficult due to English Communication weakness. Trying to share with you a little bit of your experience, so that you may have the interest to try at least once.

Guest Posting - What is Guest Posting, Why and How to Do
What is Guest Posting ?Why and How to Do?

What is guest blogging?
Simply guest blogging or guest posting means, writing an article on the guest’s site. You wrote an article for someone’s site and in exchange, you were benefited. Maybe by building your business / personal brand value or by building links for your site. In the case of Affiliate Nitesh, we basically do guest blogging to get a backlink. The brand does not look, Link to More Link! 

Question: Where are the pub sites?

Interested in posting a guest post, the owner of the site keeps the page with the posting of guests. Where there are contact info and detailed information. You can easily find sites from Google using some specific search terms. Another question may arise: Why would another guest post on his site?
It is a good way to get unique content on the freelancer freely. Due to your article, the content of its site will increase, the site’s authority and it will benefit from its business direction. Many times many people want money as well as the article. His profit again!

How to do
To discuss the discussion, we discussed in three steps.

1. Email Collection:
Those who have some familiarity with guest blogging, are aware of this. As already mentioned, the interested site owners offer detailed processor and contact info to post their guests on their site. And, some search terms can easily be found by the sites of the sites.

Such as

Your Keyword “write for us”

Your Keyword “become a contributor”

Your Keyword “become a guest writer”

Your Keyword “guest post guidelines”

Your Keyword “contribute to our site”


inurl: guest-post-guidelines Your Keyword

inurl: guest-posts Your Keyword

inurl: write-for-us Your Keyword

Here are some of the things that are most commonly used. If you find it outside of Google, you will get it or at the end of the post, with resources. You will also find there.

In the above search terms, type your keywords in the Keyword section of your keyword. Try to write Broad Keyword, not quite specific. And try to eliminate the banning intimate keyword.

For example, if your niche is the Baby Stroller 

The search term will be: baby stroller “write for us”, baby care “write for us”, baby funny ideas “write for us”

Now come the next step,

These are the search terms that you can note in your Excel Sheet from the sites searched

1. Url

2. The name of the person who has been contacted to contact the site owner / contact info

3. Email

4. Subject line (often says, when sending a mail, to write something in the subject of the subject such as “I Want To Write For You”)

2. Mail sent:
Another important thing of guest posting is the issue of sending this mail.
Many do not receive any expected response from the net, by sending a copied email template from a friend. Forgive me, forgive me! L

If everyone sends the same message by writing the same message, then it goes to the spamming stage. For this reason, try to keep this one thing unique. And as normal as possible, intermingling will save the value of your values.

Keep in mind the issue of professionalism. It is important not to request him to give him a link, rather he should be aware of your professional position.

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    3. Negotiations:
    The response rate of guest blogging is really very low. It’s also decreasing day by day. 10% and I think it’s a matter of luck in some cases. Mail replies will come from many. Among them, someone will just write unique article, many will ask for money. And the whole thing depends on the condition of the site and your interest.

    Negotiate, open your mind and talk. Once you reply to the mail, do not go to that mail and spam box. Inbox will go! 

    Avoid sending huge emails by writing inaccurate English and Hajizabi. Explain what you do not want in a little bit.

    Before taking a guest post / link, the subject of the site to be noticed

    Many people see issues related to DA, PA and other issues. I do not think this is something very urgent. Whether the site is natural to see, the site owner is running the site for the purpose, by checking some real traffic (at least 300-500 +) and backlink profiles, you can get an idea about a site.

    Some more things
    1. For posting guests, only those who seek niss reliance – I want to emo this emo. It is very difficult. Because, no one is making a relieving site for me. Broad nix and if it is, you can also take it.

    2. Many times you will receive a reply reply, I have 10 more sites. You do not have to link to all types. Before thinking of getting the water to get the cloud, it may also be thought that they may have no matter PBN or negative.

    3. Some sites are asked to contact the contact form directly. In this case, contact your message in contact message.

    4. Some sites are asked to submit articles directly. Can also do this. For this reason, write down two or three articles and submit an article if you find a site.

    5. Be aware of the anchor text while taking the link. This could cause huge damage to your site.
    Read this article on Angkor Text.

    Also, the article written on the Experimental domain has something to say about the matrix of the site, which can be helpful to understand what a site is good or bad. You can read it from here.

    6. Many people are also interested in linking from analyzing content. In that case, if you can convince a webmaster, then the site’s other matrices are correct. Unless the relationship builds up, seeking link from the exposing content is incompatible.

    7. There are many fan bloggers, if you have money, do not link. It’s just bad luck!
    That day did not make a 100 dollar link. 

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