Govt Scheme, Submit 25 Rupees Monthly And Get Double Money With Interest. How to fill up Samajik Surakhsha Yojona? – Tech Teacher Debashree

I will discuss a government project called the State Government-assisted Future Program for unorganized workers.This is my writing for those who do not know.The registered workers will have to submit   25 rupees,  monthly ie the amount of Rs 300 will be deposited in a year, the money due for a financial year can not be deposited in the next financial year.
The State Government will give the equivalent amount, ie, if the registered workers deposit 25 rupees, the state government  will be deposited  25 rupees in the account of the workers.

Samajik Surakhsha Yojona.SSY

Interest will be paid at a fixed rate on the total deposits.Registered workers can be withdrawn only once for one time if they have 2500 rupees in their account.

  • If you are 60 years old, you will get all the money, including registered workers.
  • When you will be 60 years old, you will get all the money,
  •  If the worker dies before the age of 60, then all the money that has been nominated will be received
  • .If you do not want to continue the account, all the money will be refunded with the interest.
  • If no money is deposited in the next three financial years, the account will be closed and  doposited  money will be returned with the interest.If someone thinks that he will start an account again, he can do
Application qualification:
  • .Applicants of the applicant must be employed in the listed industries or self-employment profession in West Bengal.
  • Workers must be between 18 and 60 years of age.
  • The family monthly income of the workers will be  6,500 rupees.
  • To enroll in this project, contact the panchayat office or municipality office
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Samajik Suraksha Yojana: 
In order to ensure the income of unorganized workers, in order to enable the age-related suffering, life struggle, physical disability and disability, responsibility for childbirth, health care for patients with sickness and recuperation, and to ensure their income for these purposes, the West Bengal government provides current social protection A mother bringing together projects Into all aspects of the project, with the aim to make it easier for all workers equal to 01042017 “from the social security scheme, 017” has been introduced in the West.

Who can participate in Samajik Suraksha Yojana:

1. (A) 46 unconstitutional industries (b) 15 workers in self-employed occupation can apply.
2. “Building and Other Construction Workers (Conditions of Employment, Regulation and Employment) Act, 1996” – According to the designated workers and workers who are involved in this law, brick  workers, stone breakers and stone powders.
3. The scheme will be included in registered workers registered and registered in West Bengal Transport Worker Protection Scheme, 2010.
4. Also, workers who are already enrolled in the Future Program, they can also join the project.
5. Apart from this, any unorganized worker who is willing to be a member who lives in West Bengal is 18 to 60 and does not exceed 6500 / – in family income, he can enroll in the project online.
B: – Those old futures projects, under-construction projects and transport workers, they can enroll in a social security project by entering a specific form-1, but in this case, the government fund is deposited at 25 rupees per month in the fund for the futuristic project. have to do.
How to apply for Samajik Suraksha Yojana?
In order to apply for Social Protection, you need to contact the Information Center or Online Center, because you will have to go to apply for the online application in the  SSY website. 
See the following video: You will understand the application process in full.

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