Now everyone has smart phones. There is high-resolution camera. There are more photos of hobbies. So, if you want, you can earn your money by placing your smartphone with the smartphone. But in this case, the demand for pictures focused on interesting and extraordinary content is high. And if you have good digital cameras, you can earn. In the same rule.

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How to take pictures?
Many small companies or web masters want to use pictures as their advertising, magazine, poster, video or website content. But many times the mind is not being taken as pictures, but at the same time someone gave such a picture online. But the problem is the permission to use pictures taken from others. So in this case,Royalty Free Image can be used by anyone who can buy and purchase pictures and use them for their needs. So there’s a lot of demand. In this case, many small companies, webmasters, personalities, newspapers etc. are buying these pictures. And when they are selling pictures they get permission to use this picture.

What kind of picture?
The images should be useful for any purpose, such as advertisements, posters, websites etc. At the same time, each photostock marketplace has its own rules. So it is best to read the rules at the beginning.

And if there are any models in the film, then there are some more rules to follow. So you have to look at that too. And according to that, after uploading the form, then upload the photo.
Most of my photos uploaded on this website and the above image are also bought from such websites. As well as the following links, some pictures have been provided for example. And seeing the marketplace, you can see more examples. You can also download or use a free sample. But the best is if you see those pictures that have been the best cell in the photo marketplace. It is easy to understand what kind of photo demand is more. However, a lot of the time that a generalized photo might be sold the most. So it is best to upload as many images as possible.

After uploading the images are reviewed. This may take a lot of time. Sometimes it takes more than seven days. This is because many photos are uploaded every day. It may take a lot of time to see a few review teams. So it is better to try to take more pictures than not waiting for the review.
Do not upload the same pictures to multiple websites.
Always try to find out which types of pictures are sold at a website. And upload that kind of picture there. This will increase the amount of your sales.
Many reviews are canceled at many times in the reviews. Do not leave such a picture, give some free images to the full website. In this case, you can create a portfolio there. Which will come in your way. Or upload it to Flickr and link it to your Marketplace’s profile.
You can also upload images to your own portfolio, if you wish. From there you can give profile link to your photostok Marketplace. As a result, if someone wants to buy your photos from there.
Many Photoshop Marketplace can be donated to the photo. Here is a good reason to donate, someone can visit your profile while downloading your pictures and buy good pictures.
And the most important thing is the title of the movie. The better you can give the title of the type and the size of the film matched with the size of the film, the more sales will increase.
Contesting on some sites continues. It is said that certain types of photographs have to be taken. Occasionally you can participate in such competition.
Each site below has mobile applications. You can usually upload photos by using the camera app on the mobile, and you can also use it directly from the sites of the application. You can easily upload photos using this application. Apps are for I-Phone and Android only. There are currently no apps for the other operating system’s mobile.

Photoshop Marketplace:

  • Dreamstime
  • Foap
  • Clashot
  • Shutterstock
  • Fotolia
  • 123RF
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