Follow these tips to protect against the suspension of Adsense account.

Follow these tips to protect against the suspension of Adsense account

We all know very well that the main way to earn money from any website or blog is to display advertisements and the company that is most likely to do so, Google Google can offer this opportunity to any website or blog owner through their adsense. (If it is appropriate) but Google Adsense is approved for your site, then there are some restrictions that will be prohibited. You can earn money from the money and if you do not eat the ban. There are many reasons for eating bananas, among which I am sharing some tips with you today that can be used to protect you from being a Google Adsense banner. So let’s look at the tips without delay.

1. You never use PTC related ad websites or blogs.

2. Never hide the Adsense ad-on, below your site menu, the slider or the image. Because the account will be banned by clicking on Visitor Accidental Ad.

3. Do not tell anyone on a social network to click on your ad because AdSense always tracks where the click comes from.

4. At least 70% of visitors visit your blog or web site or search engine or organic. If your visitor comes from social sites, then the account is likely to close.

5. Never copy and post a post from another web site or blog.

6. Never use AdSense Add Page on page, contact page, About us / me page, Privacy policy, etc.

7. Try using good quality keywords Hacking or Drugs Do not use keywords in this type because they are not acceptable to Google.

8. Do not try Black Hat SEO.

9. Do not exchange linked links without the related sites. This means that you can share links to those sites that match the content of your site.

10. Do not place adult content or pornography on the site.

11. Do not use any other low-quality advertising network with Adsense.

12. Do not write anything that indicates visitors are adcycled.

13. Never try to edit the add code. You will use the way Adsense will give you the same way.

14. AdSense hates spam, so do not keep your link in any sites spammed.

15. Do not use pop-ups on your blog or site because AdSense hate it.

16. Posting on your blog or on the website of the web site, the post that each of the posts will be of value. Just like Edsens was before.

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