Do Two-Step Verification on facebook, Hacker can not hack your ID! Tech Teacher Debashree

Do Two-Step Verification on facebook, Hacker can not hack your ID What is a Two-Step Verification? (What is Two Step Verification):Two-Step Verification Is A Secure System At The Second Level Here this system provides the highest security for the user’s account. This facility offers many sites, including Gmail, Facebook, and more secure accounts.How Does Two-Step … Read more

What is Facebook Marketing? Why and How do Facebook Marketing? Tech Teacher Debashree

What is Facebook Marketing? Why and How do Facebook Marketing? The world’s most popular social network is Facebook. At present, the world’s mother is very popular in every country. Facebook marketing through Facebook use to promote any company, product or service. You can do marketing yourself or by a Facebook marketer. The Facebook advertisements that are … Read more

How to earn money from Facebook Page or Facebook group? Tech Teacher Debashree

Facebook is a popular social media site.Now days everyone use facebook to can earn money by creating fb page for free if the page has enough number of fans.You can create fb page on any tropic like business,music,news,fashion,sell any products etc. If you want to use fb page, first  you have to create a … Read more