When your website is linked to another website, it is considered as a backlink. The website that gives one or more links to your website will be considered as a backlink for you.

For example, forum posting, directory submissions, article submission, blog commenting, social bookmarking, guest blogging etc. These must be of moderate level.

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Currently creating a backlink for SEO service providers is a horror name. 60 percent of the income from optimizer comes from the link building service.

But it is gradually decreasing. The only reason behind this is that Google’s PhD officials are constantly updating their algorithms.

These algorithms are actually used by the Optimizer, but very few find the answer. The algorithm is not the man but it is run with the program.

So many things that can be done with the help of disconnection of the program, it is common knowledge that everyone knows, but the intelligence of falsification of the algorithm does not come to normal.

I was foaming. The main thing is to link building. But they are technically a If you do not have problems with Google’s updates, then your ranking will increase.

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Penalty for linking now is to eat penalty if it does not have good domain authority or page authorization. When link building somewhere, a little open site explorer will check spam scores.

Today, a tool that introduces you to any tool, you can easily create a backlink type of Google Penguin Safe do-follow backlink, .EDU & .GOV etc. type. Get further details below.

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For those who are new, this tool is important for those old people and this tool is also important for them. But before that you need to know why backlinks are actually needed?
Link building is very important for ranking in search engines.Link building for brand exposure is important.
Link Building sends positive signals to Google

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Analysis and requirement can not be understood by actually writing. Why are you saying Because it’s such a thing, which gives frustration and then hugs me.

The reason for this is because of the reasons why you give penalties and when you understand the difference, then this realization is actually made. So let’s see how important parts of the link building are:

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  • Forum Posting
  • Blog commenting
  • Directory Submissions
  • Article Submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Guest Blogging
  • .EDU Backlinks
  • .GOV backlinks

There are many more things for link building. But the aforementioned issues are highly appreciated.  Now you’re thinking, it’s just a common thing to come to write brother, Hudai Azaiara. And brother stopped!

I have not finished yet. If you use the above methods as normal, then if you use it then the penalty is allocated for you in the next budget. For this, I asked the software to fakyi.

The search engines will be able to make the things that are being made as spam in their algorithms. Since it is not by human, therefore the algorithm has no power to go beyond its limits.

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 The kind of backlinks that search engines like for the site. You have to create such backlinks. Before creating the need to know what kind of backlink search engine likes.

Also the kind of backlinks that search engines prefer for the site. You have to create such backlinks. Such as:1) Natural Back link
2) Contacental back links
3) Spam-free site back links
4) Related back links
5) Internal back links
Let’s now come back to the original words that backlinks will be useful when the backlinks are indexed.

We often backlinks but most backlinks are not indexed. As a result, our hardships are worthless.
Backlinks are not indexed because of that

01) Content:

We repeatedly say “Content is King”. But there is a little wrong in the words “quality content is king”. Now the question is the content of the wool?

Hmm standard and unique writing. Google does not like spin or copied content. Most of the time duplicate content is not backlink indexes. So we have to be careful about the content.

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2) No-follow tag:

Using a no-follow tag in a number of sites which refrains from going to the linked websites of search engine Growler, which means that it will not be considered backlinks. This no-follow tag is used to stop spamming.

03) Spam platforms:

spam platforms, which are software that automatically backslinks to software. Google does not like these backlinks. Better than 100 backlinks by spam, it is better to backlink 100 by seeing a better page rank, domain authority.

How to index backlinks easily:

01) Pinging: When you post something new on your website, or update something that can be useful for your website ranking, then you have to know about this change to search engine crawler. The purpose of this is to inform that this crawler will index your new post or update as soon as possible. There are two types of paid payment services for pinging. Such as:
1) 24/7 Pinger
2) Ping Farm
3) BulkPing.com
4) BacklinkPing.com

2) Second tier link: The backlinks that are connected directly to the main site are called the First Tire Link. If this first tire link is posted on another website, it will be a backlink to the first tire link.

This first tire link backlink we will say is the second tier link in the main site. Second Tier Backlinks are intended to increase the income of the first tire links and help them index them fast.

03) Web 2.0:

The purpose of Web 2.0 is to create backlinks. It can easily create a good quality backlink in the freeze. These backlinks will help to increase search ranking and other rankings. Web 2 0 Site List: Download Web 2.0 Site List

04) Social Signal:

Create and submit RSS feed of any post or social bookmarking link. RSS Feed can use feedage.com to create and submit.
Below are some links which will make the work of backlinks easy.








How to use:

1. How to find the related forum posting site: The kind of site that you want to backlink in the search box, give the related keyword.

Keyword in “Insert Your Keyword” section. Then select the next option from the next step and click on the Search button. Within seconds your related forum will come.

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With the same approach you can find blog commenting, directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking, guest blogging, EDU backlinks, .GOV backlinks sites. Using the “Bonus Backlinks” section will get many more features.

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