Facebook creator is the new  feature of facebook. You can  show your talent and earn money by making video.This is really an excellent chance for video making lovers, basically for you tuber.

Facebook Creator

You have to make minimum 3 minutes video and 10000 views to start for monitisation. It is just like you tube and You will get same money like you tube.You need your creativity to make videos.Follow the steps below to use facebook for creator.
Follow the steps

  • First you have to create a facebook profile.
  •  Then  create a  facebook page.
  • Then go to www.facebookcreator.com and sign up.
  • Then fill up all information and click on submit button.
  • Then go to play store and install ‘facebook creator ‘app on your android phone.
  • Then After sign in facebook  on mobile you have to click  on continue as(facebook profile name) 
  • Then click  on get started.
  •  Then select the facebook page that you created and keep on making video.

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