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What are the two biggest advantages of Freelancer?Tech Teacher Debashree

What are the two biggest advantages of Freelancer? From 9 am to 5 pm work in offices, or office politics, can become an uncomfortable job of crossing unbearable jams. If you want to do something on your own outside the office’s tied rules, then freelancing can be the best choice for you. But will freelancing…
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Easy way to earn from email marketing – Tech Teacher Debashree

Easy way to earn from email marketing Email marketing is a powerful and important tool for marketing. Email marketing is a technique that is very easy to promote products to many customers in a short time. Email marketing plays an important role in developing business and building a close relationship with the customer. For this…
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Want to create a mobile app? – Tech Teacher Debashree

The use of smartphones has increased in our country, especially young people. Everyone on the smartphone is using the app (app). The good news is that the number of these apps are increasing day by day in our country. Many are taking app development as a profession and it must be a timely decision. In…
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How to send an email?How to delete an Email id ? – Tech Teacher Debashree

How to send an email? This is very important to know how to send mail attach with picture or any file, document,image.Then follow the steps — The first step to send email: First, go to Gmail and login with your email address and password. Not quite, but the page will look like a lot below.…
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