What is the work of hackers? Find out some methods of hacking? – Tech Teacher Debashree

What is the work of hackers?Find out some methods of hacking Hackers are trying to do what they want hackers, such a general user worried about those ideas. But do you know? The hacker can do everything, only depending on the client’s information. You really want your own collaboration to hack. If not, he can … Read more

What is a brute force attack? And how to protect from it .What to learn as a good hacker?.- Tech Teacher Debashree

What is a brute force attack And how to protect  from it ?What to learn as a good hacker? You want to login to somebody’s computer. You do not know his password. What do you usually do? Guess a password. What if it does not login? Give another one. Then another one.It is basically the … Read more

What is multimedia? What kind of works can you get by learning Multimedia? – Tech Teacher Debashree

Multimedia  is a medium that is presented to viewers / users in a variety of information (such as script, sound, image, animation, video etc.). Multimedia can also be interpreted as an electronic medium through which information about multimedia is captured, stored and used. Multimedia has many similarities with the art of mixed arts. Another name … Read more

What Is Animation?What kind of work you can get by learning animation? – Tech Teacher Debashree

Today I will talk about Creative Careers. Creative Career is a career that has its own creativity, such as Animation, Multimedia ,Computer Games etc. If you want to take those  as a profession then you must have your own creativity.Animation is a method by which many static images are made consistently in video form. Animation … Read more

What is DTP( Desktop Publishing)?What is the work of DTP operator? – Tech Teacher Debashree

Desktop publishing is the creation of documents that using page layout skill on a personal computer .Desktop publishing software can generate layouts and produce typographic quality text and image comparable to traditional typography and printing. This technology gives permission individuals business and other organisations to self publish a wide range of printed matter.desktop publishing methods provide … Read more