How do you know that your phone number is forwarded to someone else’s number?Suppose  you have given your phone to someone or someone has taken your phone for a while, So maybe he has forwarded his number to your phone’s settings so that he can get all your information. To know You have to dial *#62#. This number will be dialed, dialing will be a message only. If there is someone else’s number in the message, then understand that someone has forwarded your phone number to their number.

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Call Waiting / Forward / Divert / Holding:
Call Waiting / Call Holding:
Do you want to talk two calls at the same time? This is not a problem!
Another person can call you when you are talking to one. You can find out through call waiting services. You will hear a tone for the second incoming call. On the other hand, hold the call (1st) through call holding service, you can speak in the second incoming call or you can call someone else. In this case, without holding any call you can hold one and talk to another person.
You can turn call waiting on or off with most phone menus. Alternatively, you can use the following code.

To turn call waiting and call holder, press * 43 # and dial.

To stop call waiting and call holding, press # 43 # and dial
To know if call waiting and call holdings are on or off, press # 43 # and dial.
There is no charge for this service. But to know how call waiting works on your mobile phone, please read your mobile phone manual.

Call diverting / call forwarding:

Talking to new calls may not always be easy. Suppose, if you are busy in a call, you can not talk to another call, or you do not want to be bothered in any call, in that case you can send the calls to your voice mail or to another number.

In case of call forwarding, postpaid and prepaid customers of Robi can divert their incoming calls to any number of Bangladesh including any other Robi or BTCL number. (International number can not be diverted.

How to divert your call to voice mail or Robi number?

You can use one or more call divert options. To turn on or deactivate call divert from your handset, press the key (button) below:
Call Forward to Another Number without your permission?How do I call waiting / forward / divert / holding,call divert?Call Forward to Another Number without your permission?How do I call waiting / forward / divert / holding,call divert? How to disable the option of activating the divert option to check status
UNREACHABLE * * 62 * Diverat number # by typing # # 62 # by typing * # 6 # by typing send
Type BUSY * * 67 * Direct Type # and type # # 67 # by typing * # 67 # by typing
NO REPLY * * 61 * Type the divert number # and send it # # 61 # by typing * # 61 # by typing
ALL CALLS * 21 * Type Direct Dial # # and type # # 21 # by typing * # 21 # by typing
You can cancel all the divert calls by ## 002 #.

Please read the mobile phone manual about how the divert option works on your mobile phone.

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