Before creating a niche site, you have a lot to keep in mind. From initial selection to keyword selection, keyword research, keyword finishing, site design, content management, site graphic and info graphics, publishing sites, ranking by link building etc. Let’s talk about how to prepare a budget site from the start of the pre-preparation and budget plan!
Niche Selection: 
Niche Selection is the first step to make a niche site. With a selection of niche selection, the start of a small market is started. It is very easy to make niche selection. You will need to create a much more sid keyword list during Niche Selection. Otherwise, you can become depressed if you can not find the keyword. Because, as long as the competition of the niche site is going to increase. So you have to be patient with low quality competition.

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Keyword Research: 
Keyword Research is the next step in Niche Selection. Until you find the desired keywords, you will have to go back to the key keyword research from one of the key keywords.The tools you can take during keyword research are: Google Keyword Planner,,, and Long Tail Pro. The first four tools can be used for free. You have to apply some techniques for this. But Long Tail Pro Minimam will subscribe to you for one month. You need 27 dollars for a month. Many people use Keyword Revealer as an alternative. But in my opinion there is no alternative to Long Tail Pro. 
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Essential SEO Tools:
Visitor is the main target for earning through NetSite site. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the many ways to get visitors to the site. For the primary level SEO, we rely on free tools. There are many limitations between free tools. For example, Google Keyword Planner can not be used as before. Those who are using Google Keyword Planner may know. Even if the keyword planer closes their search volume view, we can find search volumes with its alternative tools. For example, with KWfinder, Keyword Keg, it is possible to find search volumes. If you try to understand a little bit of intelligence, free premium tools can be used in the freeze. But if you do not get the full premium facility, you can do a lot like doing a lot of work. For example, if you want SEMRush you can use the same amount as a premium. There is no comparison of SEMrush to get long-tail keywords, keyword search volumes, and keyword ideas. But do not buy one of the premium tools (majestic, ahrefs) at once. They also have a very low cost system. You can take all the necessary tools from for one month while processing one month for 1 month. For this, enough of your budget is $ 27.
Domains and Hosting:
My best recommendation for domain and hosting is and (if budget is low). But have read many nasty reviews of the namecheap. I personally used both namecheap and bluehost. Both of them seem good to me. But the site loading speed is slightly lower than the namecheap compared to the bluehost. Enough to have your budget namechaep ($ 23) for the first year and bluehost ($ 36 for the discount offer). But since the second year the domain charge is one, the hosting charge will increase.
And if you want local hosting, I think the best service provider at lowest price The most notable aspect of their services is the CloudFlare Integrate with Hosting, which will reduce site load time with auto CDN service for your site.
WordPress Themes and Plugins:
Generally we use Ready-made CMS WordPress to create Niss site. There are many good ways to use free WordPress themes. I used free themes in some of my projects. Actually the theme is not a factor. If you want you can start your niche project with free theme. I will list some free and paid themes in the original tutorial. If someone needs emergency, then I can knock on Facebook.
While the theme is available on free, our Nikos site offers some plugins that are premium and extremely expensive. Such as:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, In this case, your cost may be more than $ 200. If someone is unable to buy these plugins for money, then please contact me and I will freely pay you on the condition.
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Design and Graphics:
Increase the use of other visual content and graphics. Eg Lego Design, Banner Infographics etc. For lego design, you can buy gig for $ 5 from or by providing a local service. There are some sites for infographics where you can create your infograph on the free. Infographics play a vital role and it is also the biggest shareholder. Backlinks are also available through this. Then you need to embed the video as needed. This will make your site more noticeable. Next, we will create a complete tutorial on graphics designs for Niss site.
Article Writing:
One of the biggest resources of a niche site is the standard article. Visitors are interested in buying a product based on the article’s article. So the article on your site must be quality and unique (copy paste free).
Article Writing is the most expensive in the making of Niche site. If you can write your own article then your cost will be very low. But it is better to write an article in the initial stage. Your cost for articles ranges from 200 to 400 dollars. The amount of expenditure depends on the selection of writers.
Social media marketing :
Social media marketing is one of the ways to bring visitors to the site and increase site trust flow. Notable social media is Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, pinterest, YouTube, tumbler Social media can be used for free. Using some techniques, you can get many visitors from social media if you want to visit your site.
A site based on search engine ranking is based on 65 percent of the quality link building. The more backlinks your site will be, the more you will be seen as a powerful site on the eyes of Google, Yahoo or Bing.
Link building:
Generally there are 3 types of link bidding methods. White hat, gray hat and black hat. Whitehall is the building method building website. Gray can also link building links. But do not go to the Blackhawk Link building in the initial stages. There may be some cost to write content for link building. If you write content yourself, then it will not cost too much. Among the link building methods you’ll need to do is: Web 2.0 Link Building, Forum Posting, Directory Submissions. Besides, blog can also comment. After this guest posting. You can keep some budget for guest posting. In that case you can keep the maximum budget of 100 to 150 dollars. Although a lot more for you as new There are many sites where guest can be posted to free. That’s why you have to keep an eye on your ears and keep an eye on all sides.

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