Nowdays Online job is the most populer work.  To work online you must have good knowledge on computer and have internet connection .You need to know  the work which you want to do ,you have to learn better and  like  office jobs, if you work properly, you can earn good income.One of the benefits of online work is that you do not have to go out of the house, you can work at home anytime.There are 3 ways to earn money. 

  1. You can earn money from  Google Adsense, making Blog or You Tube or website.
  2. You can earn from Affiliate Marketing,like Amazon,Flip cart,Click Bank etc
  3. You can earn from market place website like Fiverr,Upwork,freelancer etc
best way to earn

To earn money from Google Adsense you have to open blog or youtube or website on a specific topic And you can earn money by applying for Adsense.
We often go to the web site or blog through various search engines to find information for our daily work, at some point in those web sites, how many links or banners add to the banner or sidebar or post, and thereby Written by “ads by Google” or Ad Choice, you may now have questions about “ads by Google” or “Google AdSense Key”. Yes these ads are Google Adsense. You may know that if you click on those links or add, then the site owner’s Google AdSense account will be credited with some money.

AdSense  is a web application managed by Google. It is basically a profit-sharing project that allows users to earn money from the advertisement content used on their website. A website owner can conditionally earn money by displaying Google’s targeted advertising on his site. 

In Q1 of 2014, Google made $ 25.75 billion of US $ ($ 38.16 billion annually), or AdSense earned 40% of the total revenue. Adsense Google’s advertising campaign program. Through this program, Google distributes advertisements to webmasters and blog owners after a third. Webmasters can earn money by displaying Google Adsense on the website. Google delivers 60 to 70 percent of the money received from advertisers through webmasters. Anyone can earn money through Google AdSense Many  bloggers and website owners are now earning money by displaying ads on Google Adsense. To earn money through Google AdSense, you will need the minimum number of visitors to your website. Your IP address will be Internet-specific. Then you have to do sign up for google adsense. After Google monitors your website, after all the information and retrieval you give, the website will publish the advertisement and you will be given a code which will be the password for your payment password.

Adsense Publishers 10 things that must know!

1.Websites on such topics, which are your interests and very well known.

2. Work with more than one website to increase revenue, write a check with each site.

3. Google wants good quality unique content, which will be in good position in search. So take a look at this issue.

3 ways to earn money Online - Tech Teacher Debashree 4. Please refrain from add-ons to the sites written in Google languages ​​that do not support Google. (Such as not putting ads on Bengali language sites)

5. Do not target high paying keywords, emphasize quality content on blogs. Develop content targeting keywords and try updating your site regularly.

6. Do not try to change the adder code. If you have to change, then change from the AdSense account.

7. Never add a photo to Google. Visitor goes confused and Google does not support it, which could be the cause of AdSense ads.

8. Adhesively add ads to the site. Do not motivate the Visitor to click on Add by clicking here, Click this.

9. Regularly check your AdSense account. Suddenly why check your blog increased click on the increase. If the inconsistency is noticed, then immediately tell the AdSense. And then your account will be safe.

10. Do not try to open another account even if AdSense is active. Because it may be the reason for your current account balance. Because Google does not allow multi-account access.
Some Questions and Answers About Google Adsense:

Because of the privacy of Google AdSense, everyone likes it. The account is not aprue but still does not stop. Every attempt is going on as usual. And after getting new accounts, the various questions are being raised. They are asking me about Facebook messages and mobile phones and SMS. The user also has a variety of questions in Facebook’s Google AdSense group. They might have or could not get answers to their questions. This post is basically the compilation of different questions made by them. Here I will try to answer some of my questions as I like. So let’s not know what their question and my answer-

01. What Google add to the Bengali site?
Answer: Yes. The best example of which is that techtunes used on their site before. Currently, Ittefaq as an online version of the Bangla magazine and AdSense is used in Bangla site in Anandabazar in Kolkata. And there’s a great way to add it.

02. Adsense does not support Bangla Language, but how does it come to add?
Answer: Adsense does not support Bengali language, it is true. And add to the site made in Bengali language also it is also true. How is your question? Actually what I think. Adsense also displays the content of the site, depending on the visitor’s location. You probably have not noticed or noticed. While visiting Bangladesh, various types of ads including sales dot com, facebook, grameenphone Ad word advertisers often add ads to sites targeted by geo location. For this reason, ads from Adsense are also seen on Bangla site.

03. Will my account be deducted from Arne after applying Approval with Revenue Sharing site?
Answer: This will depend on your usage. It will not only earn revenue from your site but also earn revenue from that revenue. So you will not have to share what you earn from your site. If you do not use the sharing sites anymore, then there is no question of casualties.

04. How many ads can be used using an AdSense account?
Answer: About 200-300 sites can be managed in an account. And countless sites can be used on the site. However, the sites will be more unique in English.

05. How many words will be the posts?
Answer: As big as can be done. Good if it is 450-500 or greater. However, it will be better if you have limited restrictions within 1000.

06. 10/15 posts to get Adsense?
Witness: What is your post? Do not post it anymore? If you have to post it, then posting will be more likely to get the Adsense. And yes posts must be unique and duplicate, free of charge.

07. What can I do to show the Bengali site add?
Answer: Before you can add an ad to the Bengali site, you will have to advertise the AdSense account with an English or AdSense supported language site. Then you add the Bengali site. Which makes everyone However, if you search the TT, you will see several tunes as helpful.

08. If you type without copying, then what will be unique?

Answer: What do you mean to imitate examinations !! Those who ask such questions must give the answer to it. So do not go to Google Mama to imitate ………… !!!
09. Can copy paste after getting AdSense?
Answer: If you do not copy the content of others, then think about that matter yourself and make it look unique. To be honest, remove all these thoughts from mind and be more focused on unity.

10. Adsense accounts can be found on the site of Bangla site?

Answer: You did not know that there is no Bangla language in the Ad Sense Supported Language list. So applying through the site created in Bangla, your application will not be eligible to be accepted. There is no possibility of getting Ad Sense. However, the English site code will be added to Bengali. That’s what I said first. And many people have got very good results in this process.
3 ways to earn money Online - Tech Teacher Debashree3 ways to earn money Online - Tech Teacher Debashree Affiliate marketing is the sale of various companies product and get  the Commission is available.such as Amazon ,Flipkart ,eBay, Click Bank etc making profiles on these websites.,You can earn huge amount of money if you can sell products by  social media or e-commerce websites, Besides, you can do work on different market places such as fiver, up work, freelancer etc.Various types of jobs are available from this Marketplace, you can work on making profiles on your best job.What you want to do is not web design or graphic design or any other work?You will receive an order from the buyer and you can earn thousands rupees if you can work according to the order.The contract works here.

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