How to promote 25 dollar 1 up? – Tech Teacher Debashree

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How to promote 25 dollar 1 up? – Tech Teacher Debashree

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Today I will discuss about how to promote 25 dollar 1 up . I explain step by step how to successfully promote 25 Dollar 1 UP opportunity. Learn what it takes and start earning instant payments per day..

Benefits to promote “25 dollar 1 up” Affiliate Program:

  • Digital Education Products
  • 100% commission for each sell
  • Instant Commission
  • Passive Income
  • Daily Earning
  • World wide Business
  • Onetime Investment Lifetime Service
  • Person to person Payout
  • Work on Facebook
  • 2nd sale pass up commission (passive income)

25 Dollar 1Up is simply to best way to make money online in 2019. All we do collect emails in our automated system through our advertising on social media, this includes copy-paste methods…. When people decide to buy the marketing system/training platform you get paid instant payments of $25,$100,$250 & $500 & $1,000 payments, directly to you. Today I will discuss about 25 Dollar 1 up Full Business Plan. Earn unlimited 100% Commission per day by promoting it. Buy Once @ $35 and sell it again and again and keep all money with you. One Time Joining Fee $35 or Rs.2500/-Make unlimited sales per day and keep all the money with you. Earn $25 Per Sale = Rs.1800/- per day. Free Joining Link: Click HereJoin and upgrade and get Money Making website worth Rs.3000/- For free with domain. Watch Live Income Proof & Testimonials: Click HereYou can watch this full video to know the full Business Plan. You can Earn Passive Income with this simple system.

There are 5 types of products.

1. Gold Products. Price: $25 2. Platinum Products. Price: $100 3. Diamond Products. Price: $250 4. Enterprise Products. Price: $500 5. Elite Products. Price: $1000

  • Start with Gold Products. Buy one and sell it again and again and keep all 100% money with you.
  • Payment Hand to Hand. no need to wait for a week or month. If you can make 10 sales per day then your income will be $25 x 10 = $2500.So there is no limit to earning per day.
  • Collect your payment directly in your bank or Paytm wallet. It all depends on you how you want to collect your money. Refer as much as you can.
  • 25dollar1up can be promoted to all over the world.

💰//How to get Started Earning up to $125 Per Day//💰 1) Sign up here: Join the Gold and Platinum Level package levels to start 3) Pay me (your sponsor) via Paypal( 4) Finally, Contact me for the next steps and to receive your bonuses at whats app +918906288270. Look forward to having you on my team! 🙂

SALES TRAININGYou can promote it by two Method.
1)Free Method
2) Paid Method


Immediate Tasks: FOUNDATION Join 7 to 8 FB groups on each of the following ( Groups as large as possible )(Preferably More than 100K Members) – (Only 7 to 8 FB groups at a time – Give break of 6 Hours)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Online Business
  • Making Money Online (MMO)
  • Multi-Level marketing (MLM)
  • 1 Different Topic everyday – 5 Groups Sales PROCESS: Inquiries —> Leads —> Prospects —> Followups —> Sales Process 1 & 2 : FaceBook Process 3 Onwards : Messenger Chat Process 1. – To Generate More and More Inquiries Posting into min 15 Different FB Groups daily (5 Post at a time X 3 Times) — CANNOT SKIP ANY SINGLE DAY Inquiries in 2 Different Modes –
  • 1. Direct Message
  • 2. Comments in Groups Post Process 2. — Only for Group Comments to invite them for personal Chat Respond to All the Group comments Individually to come for the Private Chat – Don’t give any details / Link in the Group **** Two categories of Inquiries – A – Messenger Inbox B – Group Comments (who did not follow process 2) Process 3. – To convert Inquiries into Leads – 20 Leads per Day Contact those Inquiries in Private Message only —- To convert Inquiries into LEADS (make them to register for Free) – 20 Leads Daily CAtegory – B Inquiries: Msg1 – (TYPING) – Hi How are you Msg2 – (Seperately but Immediately) – (COPY & PASTE) – This is in response to your Comment / Inquiry in one of my group post about Affiliate Marketing.Business in which you can earn 400 USD to 1000 USD per week. Step by Step Training will be provided.Please suggest the right time to discuss further. Reply to his comment to check Inbox — (WAIT FOR THE RESPONSE) Msg3. – (ONLY AFTER HIS/HER RESPONSE) (FORWARD) – Draft below…

Classified Ads List:

  • Solo ads :   Solo ads are advertisements on other people’s email lists in which you’re the only thing being advertised in that email. These ads have links to drive traffic to your website or funnel.You can use Udimi
  • Email Marketing :Aweber  or  Get Response 
  • Social Media Ads :facebook,instagram,google ads are popular Social Media community inside the world. if you don’t have a enterprise web page in your company, you’re already losing 2.2 Billion month-to-month energetic customers. fb marketing assist you to efficaciously attain all the those who remember maximum.Check it out! I will do facebook marketing to grow your business order me by the link on #Fiverr  
  • Bing Ads
  • Sales Funnel :The sales funnel is each step that someone has to take in order to become your customer.
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