Do Two-Step Verification on facebook, Hacker can not hack your ID! Tech Teacher Debashree

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Do Two-Step Verification on facebook, Hacker can not hack your ID! Tech Teacher Debashree

Do Two-Step Verification on facebook, Hacker can not hack your ID

What is a Two-Step Verification? (What is Two Step Verification):

Two-Step Verification Is A Secure System At The Second Level Here this system provides the highest security for the user’s account. This facility offers many sites, including Gmail, Facebook, and more secure accounts.

How Does Two-Step Verification System Work?

Already, it is a two-step verification system, when an account owner signs his or her password with the password, then the user will send the code to the email or mobile number, then you will be able to log in. As a result, anyone else can access your Facebook or Gmail or other site by supporting this system without knowing it, because they can not log in as soon as they try to log in to your phone and no one will be able to login to you. This way you can increase ID security. Two-step verification system will be sent to the email or phone code, but it may be used on other sites, but it may be seen more than the code.
First go to Facebook and go to Settings & Privacy and then click on Security and Login.

Then see there is a text called Use two-factor authentication. Then click on Set Up.

Now look at a phone number in your room, give your phone number in that room. (If you want passwords then continue with your ID pass). After entering the phone number, 6 digit one conform code can be added to your number. Conform with Code.

Diameter is your job. Now log out of your ID and log in. As soon as you log in, a code will come in your number and you will have to continue with this code. If you want to save the device, then you will not have to enter any code to login to that browser. However, when logging in again on any other browser or any other phone, you will have to log in with the same code as before.

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SPECIAL_Warning: Do not mistake the number that will trigger the login promo option, and do not remove the number from Facebook ID. But if you do not go to another code in the same code, then do not go to the code when you login from another browser. If you do not enter the code, you can not access Facebook. If you want to remove the number then you will close the login request option.

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