Month: January 2019

Technical Tips,Make Money Online Tips and Software Review

Disk Jockey | Do you want to be a DJ ? – Tech Teacher Debashree

A disc jockey, short known as DJ, plays live record music for live listeners. Most DJs include DJ, Radio DJ, Club DJ, who play nightclubs or music, and turntableists who use record players. Basically, disc jockey disc refers to gramophone records, but now DJ is used as a universal term for describing a person who…
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What is multimedia? What kind of works can you get by learning Multimedia? – Tech Teacher Debashree

Multimedia  is a medium that is presented to viewers / users in a variety of information (such as script, sound, image, animation, video etc.). Multimedia can also be interpreted as an electronic medium through which information about multimedia is captured, stored and used. Multimedia has many similarities with the art of mixed arts. Another name…
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How to add videos to a playlist on you tube?How to use End Screen to increase your you tube viewers and subscriber?How to Delete / Remove End Screens on YouTube Channel?How to hide your you tube channel subscriber? – Tech Teacher Debashree

How to add videos to a playlist on you tube?It takes just a few minutes to open a new YouTube channel. But it takes a few years to make this channel successful. However, this time and success depends largely on the content and quality of the video.Since it’s totally free, so many people start displaying…
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